रविवार, 10 जून 2018

Strange things do happen!

On19th of April we lost our dear bird Sweetu. It was a severe heartache to our family as he was more like a child rather than just a pet Green cheek conure. Sweetu was very loving, caring and ofcourse talkative too! He was the joy of our family. For me, He was just everything, a part of me, without whom I never thought that I could survive. He used to keep me busy 24hrs and I loved every single bit of it. When he died in his sleep; it was the biggest shock of my life and I am still not able to deal with it.Though life moves on!

Yesterday (9/6/2018) we went to Fretta Pizza, Ahmedabad. It was our first visit to this restaurant. The food was delicious and the preparation was so clean. My husband ordered Coca-Colaand immediately I thought about Sweetu as he used to love it (let me clear, birds are not supposed to have any aerated drinks but Sweetu was allowed to take few drops of it occcassionally).

Well, when the can of coca-cola was served; all of a sudden my daughter got excited and told us to look at the can first.
We saw and got overwhelmed when we read-
     "Share a Coke with
      My beauty, My 24hr duty."
We rushed to the counter and asked the manager if he had more with the same name. He searched but that was the only can with that name on it!

Well! I don't believe in magic! I don't believe in any Jadu-tona or ghostly things! But, this incident is one of the most beautiful incident which I have experienced in past. And I strongly believe that there are some super-natural powers, positive vibes or some strange things that do happen, all for a reason; which allow us to keep going and stay connected with our loved ones. We call it CO-INCIDENCE!

Whatever it was, but a very big THANKS to Coca-Cola for writing my Sweetu's name and to Fretta Pizza to deliver us this momento. It sure did bring up a lot of lovely memories.
Love you guys!
- Preeti Agyaat
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